Metal Roofing Benefits

Increasing numbers of homes and commercial buildings are now installing metal roofs. There are many benefits to metal roofs. For example;

Strength & Durability

Metal roofs can withstand all types of wind and weather conditions, and meet most building codes for fire, wind and impact. Roof Mart's metal roofs lasts three to four times longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofs.


Metal Roof Coating & Painting

New technologies in metal roof painting and coatings have eliminated the concerns about rust and corrosion. Roof Mart can offer outstanding long term warranties. New panel profiles and color selections have also advanced in recent years. Metal now provides a long lasting, maintenance free, and beautiful building alternative.


Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient

Metal roofing is very energy efficient. Tests have shown that a metal roof can reduce cooling costs by as much as 40%. In addition, some of our metal roofing meets the criteria of recycled content, so it’s environmentally friendly.


Metal Roofing is Cost Effective

When you consider the long years of service and the reduced energy costs, metal roofing becomes a very attractive investment. In addition, residential and commercial building projects can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements, thereby eliminating excess material costs.