Contractor Testimonials

Roof Mart’s sales staff is very helpful, sweet and get right to the point so to get my order placed quickly. I always receive material on time with no problems. Drivers are nice, courteous and will always place the material where ever I need it placed. I am always well pleased. Roof Mart’s quality of products is great, and because of the quality of the products they supply matched up with my quality work Roof Mart helps me generate more business. I love Roof Mart. I began using Roof Mart right after they opened. I haven’t and won’t use anyone else. I like the good relationship I have established with them.

- Mark Ervin -


Roof Mart has great service I am very well pleased with their sales staff. I’ve never had any problems with deliveries and the delivery personnel will always go out of their way to help me. Roof Mart supplies the best material that I’ve ever worked with. I am completely satisfied with Roof Mart and their services because they will go above and beyond to help me achieve my goals.

- Warren Conners -

Roof Mart’s sales staff are great. They are very polite and make ordering fast and easy. I haven’t had any trouble with deliveries and their delivery personnel do an exceptional job. All of my customers have been very well pleased with Roof Marts material. I’ve never had any complaints. Experience with Roof Mart has been good so far. Couldn’t ask for better services with Roof Mart.

- Mike Stapp -

Wholesaler Testimonials

Roof Mart’s sales staff is very helpful to our needs. They always handle any problems promptly and efficiently. Roof Mart’s delivery and turn around couldn’t be any better. We’ve had very few problems and /or complaints. Out of all the vendors, Roof Mart is one of the easiest to work with, very dependable and helpful so as to help keep us competitive in our market.

Dozier Hardware - Thomasville, AL

Roof Mart’s personnel are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about their product and willingness to help is unparallel. Roof Mart’s delivery time and personnel are extremely dependable. When they say they will be here you can count on it. Every product that we have ever received has been of excellent quality. Roof Mart as a business is very reputable.

Stone Canyon - Brilliant, AL

Roof Mart has a great sales staff. I deal mainly with their sales rep. John McNutt. He is an awesome salesman and a great friend. Roof Mart has a super delivery service. When they say they’ll be there that’s what happens. Their delivery personnel are very nice and dependable. Roof Mart’s products are of high quality material. I have never had a customer complain about any of the products I receive from Roof Mart. Roof Mart is one of the best companies I deal with on a day to day basis. They are honest and trustworthy.

Tiffin Supply, Redbay, AL

Roof Mart’s sales rep. is great. We never have to worry about an order and always very professional. Our favorite delivery guy is from Roof Mart and delivers two times per week like clockwork. We have never had any problems with Roof Mart’s quality. We enjoy doing business with Roof Mart.

Discount Building Supply, Oxford